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Have a good one

Another year is nearing the end. Here's to hoping for a better 2024 for everyone.

If you're looking for that last minute present,check out my classes - next basic training course will be in march 24!

Exact date and application form via

If you're not from the area but wish to be counselled, don't be shy to make use of that contact form and I'll be happy to put up a special offer for you.

New workshop announcement

Basic course for sketching faces, particular ones to be exact! Ever wanted to focus on that? There you go.
e workshop is planned for december this year.
(Also maybe an idea for your last minute xmas gifts ;-) )

Exact date and application form via

New additions to portfolio

Latest additions to the galleries, hope you like!

Book coming

Recent attendees of my drawing courses benefitted from my compact handout including all infos from the class with illustrated examples of what we processed.
Don't fear - all participants of my workshops will still get the handout for free.

BUT additional to that I'm currently working on an upgraded version of my transcripts including not only everything you need to know to draw from the workshop but also loads of additional artworks and pointers from my experience.
It's planned to have approximately 60 pages packed with everything you need to know to get started in lineart!

Stay tuned for the reveal and don't be shy to preorder your copy via my contact form if you're game!

New additions in the galleries

Also prints in the works: I'm planning to produce some fine art prints for selected illustrations. Preorders are possible via my contact form.

Workshop places for April are all full, some capacities are open in June.

Want to get a kick start in learning how to draw by yours truly? Here's your next chance.

New stuff

Some recent additions to the portfolio.

Wip shots of new sketch addition

Enjoy some wip pics of my sketching and developing this piece. It might get reworked and further developed depending on time.

Also, more additions in the excursions department in the galleries..

Back from NiCon 2022 + New Additions

My first Con for years was a blast! Thank you to all the lovely people who stopped by my table to say hi, shou out to Starwing_Cosplay to my wonderful neighbours Kaeferblut + Jannerk and the orga team of NiCon and all the volunteers working hard shifts to put together a great programme! Hope to see you all next time!

That being said enjoy some new stuff, soo to be sorted into the galleries :-)

Great news: New additional workshop date

Join my begionners class for drawing and sketching

on 10th of december in hanover, germany @ boesner

Keep postet here on the date to sign up first!

Buy me a coffee - I like coffee!

You can now support me

on ko-fi

It's all still a bit new to me, but there already is a reward waiting for regular supporters!

A one-time token of appreciation is also possible though.

Also there will be a shop included, where original pieces will be up for sale!

New additions on the galleries

Added some recent artworks from this spring to the gallieries in "recent projects". 

Looking back on the best week so far this year!

Had a great project week with my workshop for young adults working their gap year in voluntary work. Thank you to all the extremely talented attendees and the orga team, you are the best!

New course!

I've been teaching drawing to kids and young adults now for four years mostly on demand.

Now everyone can join my basics course for the first time!

On 26th of august in hanover, germany @ boesner

Sign up here to join

Work on script for supporters
Initially as a feedback from ma workshops I had the request of making a script or handout with examples to recollect everything they learned.

Regular backers on ko-fi and participants of my workshops will receive my scripts for free!

You can join my basics course next on 26th of august in hanover, germany @ boesner

New Xmas Card for your festive mail

Available now on demand for ever and ever and ever.

Comicwelten no. 1+2 now available @


Landesmuseum Hannover

Or shoot me a mail!

Preview comicwelten#1 - comicwelten#2

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