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It's been pretty quiet around here lately, sorry bout that. But be assured I've not been lazy ;-)

In fact, to make up for the lack of content, I'd like to introduce my latest comic book project.

Hard to believe I've started working on this almost two years ago... Now all the drawing is done and I'd like to share with you the process of how it all came together.

Some of the pics I've shared on instagram and facebook over the time passing. Now you'll see the collection, also I tried to add some new pics for this blog entry.

Enjoy and cheers guys

It all started with some random sketches...

Above a sketch of one of my favourite exponats from my favourite museum, that I always felt a bit drawn to. When just a child, this mummy of a man found in the Bourtanger swamp, scared me a little. But I soon came to understand the fascinating window into the past he was showing.

So, when sketching about, he was my inspiration to open that window into the past for others.

Long story short: After deciding that, in fact, this was supposed to be the hero of the story, I tried to create a character design, that would put him into a more approachable light. Since it was not going to be a horror story he had to look "nice" (for a mummy).

Thinking of characters to draw wasn't even half of the work to do before I could really get started on the panels. Since I wanted to show possible historical settings I had to do a lot of research. And do studies.

Next came the first round of rough sketches and layout, later the cleaned up sketches with crooked panels.

Then came the inking process wich I prefer to do analog with lightbox. It takes some time and it's not as forgiving but I feel more home to it. Here's some impressions:

In the meantime a first draft of the first few pages was released as a special for halloween night 2017 and as a little preview for the project. Maybe you remember.

Some of the panels I have put through a little make over later, though.

Anyhow, second half of the process I took over on my computer. Altough I love analog coloring too, digital coloring is far less expensive and quicker.

So, I hope all those sneaky bits have caught your eye and you're curious for the finished issue... More info on how to come by a copy of the comic to come soon :-)

See you in a bit!

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